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Bringing you the best of artists and music from the early 20th Century. Here you can select the best of vintage songs from our playlist, listen to our free radio, visit our record shop, or browse a whole site full of music from the last century.

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Maid And Butler
Kitchen Ware

Morpeth Vintage
Music Site

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We provide a full digital recovery and restoration service for ANY damaged shellac And Vinyl recordings
as well as cassette tapes

Prices for restoration Are As Follows:-
2.29 for a Vintage 78rpm or 45rpm Recording
5.69 for a 33rpm Album
(includes Professional cleaning)
Standard Postage Charges Apply For Return Mail

Pictured Above
Anne Marie Summers

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Ben Reynoldson

The Ben Reynoldson Band

Ben Reynoldson, pictured above, began his career as a band leader in the 1920's at the Whitley Bay Palais.

This tribute is not only a reflection of 20th Century music, but also to remember the dreadful decision taken by "New Labour" and "Morpeth Liberal Democrats" here in Northumberland to close the Mount care home in Morpeth.!

Coming Soon

Children's Corner

The favourite and wonderful Songs, many will have heard played as children and also

Morpeth Vintage Classical
And Opera Selection

Early vintage recordings of classical pieces, by both composers and conductors from the 1900's to the 1950s.

Appearing here will be a Vintage video from my Own You Tube channel This weeks choice being:-
Billy May When The Swallows Come Back To Capastrino

Morpeth Vintage Music Site
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